BTPWBT  or "Barrier Tape Plate Without Barrier Tape"


Controversy about BTPWBT - "Barrier Tape Plate without Barrier Tape"

There are several controversial points in the discussion about the most valuable artwork by the Berlin based artist Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK). Here a list of the most controversial points:

  • The amount of the price: many people believe that the price of 175 million euro it to high according to the fact that many people still have not enough to eat and to survive.
  • Sebastian Bieniek's connection to Russia: many people ask for the artists connection to russia, and possible Russian influance to the western culture.
  • Money Laundering: many people believe that such an amount of money is only paid if it comes to money laundering.
  • Quality of the artwork: for many people art is a craftwork that requiers a special skill or talent. For that people is a simple plate just a simple plate, everybody can buy in a shop. It requires either a special skill nor a artistic talent. 
  • Taking adventage of a distaster: for many people Sebastian Bieniek's "Barrier Tape Art" that is the conceptual base of the BTPWBT "Barrier Tape Plate without Barrier Tape" taking adventage of a human distaster like the corona-pandemic (covid-19) is. This is to them inhuman and inethical.